Tuesday, 15/04/2014, 03:06

PINACO Is Re-Certified ISO/TS 16949 : 2009

Certificate ISO/TS 16949 : 2009 is to certify the quality management system for automotive - related products. PINACO has been issued and maintained this certificate from April 2011.

In this re-certification, PINACO changes confidently the certification body for the purpose of receiving different ways of audit from certification bodies and auditors. It is an innovation in getting the certifications of 3rd parties. This fits PINACO’s motto : “ Always innovate and perfect”. The certification body selected this time is DQS-UL, one of the leading certification bodies for management systems worldwide. In last audit, PINACO welcomed the audit team of DQS-UL, auditors from Thailand.

The result is that PINACO is re-certified ISO/TS 16949 : 2009. This is a great achievement of the entire PINACO and shows again that PINACO’s quality management system always meets higher and higher requirements of customers. Customers can feel secure about the quality of PINACO’s products and service.