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Business Name: PINACO
Stock code: PAC   
Add: 321 Tran Hung Dao St., Dist. 1, HCMC, Vietnam
Tel:  (84 8) 39 203 062  - 39 203 063
Fax: (84 8) 39 203 060 - 39 203 061
Tax code: 0300405462
Date of establishment: 04/19/1976
Date of equitization:    10/01/2004


Dry Cell and Storage Battery Joint Stock Company (PINACO) was founded in 1976. It became a public company in 2004 (Stock Code: “PAC”). Nearly 40 years of operation, PINACO is now the leading battery manufacturer in Vietnam with four main production facilities which employs over 1300 employees:

- Dong Nai Battery factory.

- Dong Nai 2 Battery factory.

- Sai Gon Battery factory.

- The Eagle Dry Cell Battery factory.


The company offers two products types – Storage Battery and Dry Cell Battery

Storage Battery:

PINACO currently produces lead acid batteries under brand names Dongnai, JP, Pinaco, PAC. Our batteries are manufactured under advanced European technology to ensure world-class performance: high capacity, high cold cranking, long life. PINACO has invested in most state-of-the-art and equipments from leading manufacturers in G8 countries such as: Mixer from Eirich (Germany); Continuous Grid Casting and Pasting system from Wirzt (USA); Maintenance free battery Finishing lines from CMW (Germany); Cast-on-strap (COS) machine from Moojin and Hongik (Korea); Assembly line from Moojin (Korea) and Leko (USA); etc
PINACO offers a wide range of batteries which include dry-charged battery, complete maintenance free (CMF) battery, VRLA battery and deep cycle battery, etc. A comprehensive catalogue enables PINACO battery to meet most automobile makers’ requirements covering car, truck, motorcycle, electric vehicles, electric bike as well as other applications such as lighting, UPS, rechargeable lamp, etc
PINACO is proud of being an OEM supplier of famous automotive makers and motorbike makers such as Ford Vietnam, Vietnam Suzuki, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam, Thaco, Honda Vietnam, Hyundai Vinamotor, Vina Mazda, KIA Motor, Mekong Auto, Samco, Honda Vietnam, Piaggio Vietnam, Yamaha Vietnam, etc
PINACO’s storage battery has achieved around 40% share of the domestic market share, while the export has grown to approximately 18% of sales, primarily to The Middle East, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Yemen, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Algeria, Sudan, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, etc

Dry Cell Battery:

PINACO’s Dry Cell battery, under brand name Eagle, has been highly appreciated for many years by consumers. The paper-lined technology, using manufacturing processes and equipments sourced from Germany, Korea, China, allows the manufacture a competitive dry cell battery that enjoys such characteristics as high capacity and non-leakage coupled with a reasonable price.
The Eagle dry cell battery now captures about 50% of the domestic market, especially it commands up to 80% in South Vietnam. The Eagle dry cell battery is exported to The Middle East, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Sudan, India, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, etc


PINACO has achieved ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 17025 certifications to ensure a continuous improvement in quality and efficiency as well as management its impact on the environment.
PINACO has been awarded Ford Q1 Certification. Ford Q1 Certification is the highest award for suppliers by Ford Motor Company. It is a global recognition that suppliers have achieved a high level of performance in quality, production – management capacity and customer satisfaction.
Beside TQM, PINACO – in support of sources of materials from well-known suppliers, the stringent quality control process – has always provided our customers with the best quality products.


Another key strength of PINACO is an extensive nationwide distribution network with more than 200 authorized distributors together with company’s service centers, service shops, which, not only market and distribute PINACO’s products, but also carry out the “Nation wide Warranty” policy – PINACO’s products are warranted by authorized distributors regardless of where they were bought.


PINACO’s reputation has been reinforced and developed for years in business. PINACO had the honor of receiving many rewards from The Government such as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades of Independence Medals; the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades of Labor Medals. Specially, PINACO had been granted the Title “Hero in Innovation Period”. In the year 2012 - 2014 PINACO is honoured by “Viet Nam Value” from the National Branding Program. This program is the only program of the Vietnamese Government carried out to promote the country’s image through our brands of products and services.
Our products also have been in the Top list of Vietnam High Quality Goods for 19 years continuously and have obtained many Gold Medals in Exhibition and Fairs.
PINACO commits to meet growing demands from customers. Our company provides the best products and best services, positioning as “Vietnam Value represents storage battery and dry cell battery in Vietnam".


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